5Ft Straight Tabletop Tension Fabric Display Kit


The 5Ft Straight Tabletop Tension Fabric Display Kit Includes:

  • Lightweight 5ft wide (2 quad x 1 quad) straight silver frame
  • Grey in-molded hook and loop end caps
  • Easy assembly
  • Rolling carry bag included.

Assembled Dimensions: 60.5″W x 31″H x 12.25″D

Whether you’re out on the road at a networking event, smaller conference or event, it’s important to keep your branding consistent.  Small shows and events still need to capture people’s attention and promote your products.  Rather than sit at a table and wait for people to notice your company, opt for our 5Ft Straight Tabletop Tension Fabric Display Kit.  Splash your branding and messaging across this high quality tabletop display to give visitors instant brand recognition.

The 5Ft Straight Tabletop Tension Fabric Display Kit- Key Advantages:

Having a tabletop tension fabric display at your fingertips is a great benefit for those smaller conferences and events that pop up.  In those situations, you can’t very well set up your standard trade show display and hope there’s space for you in often crowded hallways or thoroughfares.  Instead, you need something slim and compact that can sit in any space, including your larger trade show display.

This 5ft, straight, tension fabric tabletop pop-up display is exceptionally easy to transport, set up and disassemble.  The aluminum frame is lightweight but robust while the high quality, non-wrinkling fabric is attached with hook and loop end caps. This warrants that the entire table pop-up display will expand easily with the frame for an instant setup with no tools required.  A carrying bag is included to keep all of your frame and graphics pieces in one place, neat and organized.  It also helps you to keep your display nicer longer when you’re traveling.

This eye-catching trade show table display is easily considered a bargain but can also be upgraded with compatible LED lighting options to draw more attention to your products or services.  If you haven’t yet also sourced your table throw, consider one of our high quality branded table throws to accompany your tabletop tension fabric display.

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 10 × 10 in