6′ Super Fitted Table Throw


The 6′ Super Fitted Table Throw Includes: 

  • Custom, full color graphics printed on display polyester material
  • Economy option covers three sides, leaving the fourth open for storage access
  • Made in the USA
  • Standard 6ft table: 72″W x 30″H x 30″D.

When you’re exhibiting in a smaller trade show, event, or conference space, it makes good sense to have a 6′ Super Fitted Table Throw on hand.  Often, in smaller exhibiting spaces, there’s only a collapsable table to put a table throw onto and maybe some accessories.  That’s where our 6′ Super Fitted Table Throw comes into play.  This is a form fitted table throw with full color graphics to make your logo, branding, and messaging pop from across the exhibition space.

The 6′ Super Fitted Table Throw- Key Advantages:

When you’re seeking an opportunity to introduce your branding and messaging to a smaller show or smaller crowd, a table throw is very handy.  This can allow you to exhibit in a smaller space with full color graphics and messaging to ensure people see what you have to offer.

Easy to assemble, you simply unpackage the table throw and toss it over your collapsable table for your next event.  Smooth out the throw to ensure everything looks sleek and modern.  To further accessorize this throw, consider adding a tabletop trade show display with some lighting attached to the display itself.  You can also accessorize this with banner stands if you’ve got enough space at your next event or conference.  No matter your decision, this is a must have item in every marketer’s toolkit to ensure they can communicate with audiences of every size.  We have these exhibiting extras and accessories available in our online store if you decide you have the marketing budget to add to your high quality 6′ Super Fitted Table Throw.

This product is made in the USA and composed of high quality materials.  This is washable polyester, which allows you to keep the throw nice between trade show, conference, or event uses. Be sure to store it in a clean dry place.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 4 in