8 Ft. Dynamic Backlit Display With Programmed Light Series


The 8 Ft. Dynamic Backlit Display Includes: 

  • State-of-the-art 50mm aluminum tube frame with snap-button assembly
  • Programmable LED light curtains attach easily to the top and bottom of the frame
  • Single-sided pillowcase fabric graphics with opaque backer
  • Kit includes: one frame, one graphic, three light curtains, one transformer and one wheeled, molded storage case
  • Light curtain animation offered as a service for an additional cost
  • Watts: 600W
  • Amps: 25A
  • Volts: Dual Voltage 115-230V
  • Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects.

Assembled Dimensions: 92.94″W x 92″H x 25.59″D


Make a bold statement on the trade show floor with our 8 Ft. Dynamic Backlit Display.  This is no ordinary backlit trade show display.  In fact, it can offer a dynamic series of lights that lights up in specific spots.  Choose from a preprogrammed card with stock lighting patterns or choose a preprogrammed card with a custom designed lighting pattern to match your graphics, branding, or advertised specials.  The sky’s the limit with this light series!  The series of lights commands attention on the trade show floor and fascinates people as they walk by your backlit trade show display.  When you’ve only got seconds to capture someone’s attention, make sure that you impress them and draw them in.

The 8 Ft. Dynamic Backlit Display – Key Advantages:

When your competition is still trying to attract trade show attendees to their booth in partial darkness, you’ll be delighting visitors walking down the aisle with a pattern of lights.  The light and motion captures people’s attention much easier than any normal pop up trade show display in a smaller trade show booth space.  You’ll look like a sophisticated and serious exhibitor in comparison.  You can also use this as a conversation piece in order to open up a conversation with potential prospects on the show floor.  Would you have made that sale without the extra attention you gained from this dynamic light display?

Easy to install, this is a tension fabric display with an aluminum tube frame that simply snaps together to install.  The single-sided pillowcase fabric graphics install by pulling it over the frame and then zipping it up.  The light curtain attaches to the frame prior to zipping on the graphic and must be plugged into a power source to work.  This is a backlit trade show display that really challenges the imagination- do you want something standard or do you want to program something custom to really wow the crowd? You’re only limited by your imagination with this display.

As your exhibition budget grows, we’re happy to accommodate helping you grow with it.  That means that we have all the exhibiting extras you’ll need to truly reach more people.  This includes reception counters, media kiosks, and more.  Simply browse our store and select the item that you desire.  We have something for every budget.


Weight 90.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 66 × 18 in


Animation Programming Service

Preprogrammed Card with Stock Designs, Preprogrammed Card with Custom Designs