8′ Horizontal Curve Fabric Backwall Graphics


The 8′ Horizontal Curve Fabric Backwall Graphics Includes:

  • One dye-sublimated pillowcase fabric graphic
  • Replacement backwall graphics do not include hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 90.34″W x 92.05″H x 18.59″D

Whether you’re budget-conscious or you’ve got a small space on the trade show floor, our 8′ Horizontal Curve Fabric Backwall is an excellent choice to deliver your message to show attendees.  Since it’s a fabric backwall, the most important aspect of this display is your backwall graphics.  These are where you’re really going to shine.  With only seconds to capture your intended audience’s attention, you need to make sure you display something eye-catching and colorful.

The 8′ Horizontal Curve Fabric Backwall Graphics- Key Advantages:

Our 8′ Horizontal Curve Fabric Backwall Graphics are superior backwall graphics.  They are dye-sublimated pillowcase fabric graphics.  The combination means your graphics will be high-quality and long-lasting with proper maintenance and care.  The dye-sublimation printing process uses extremely high heat and pressure to bake your design into the fibers of the fabric itself.  Standard printing only transfers the design onto the surface.  Because the design is embedded into the fibers, the end result is something that’s extremely vivid, bold, and fade-resistant.  The pillowcase fabric that’s used is very soft to the touch and conforms well to any curve or angle, the most commonly used fabric for these kinds of curved fabric backwall graphics.

As time passes, you may want to replace your fabric backwall graphics.  This is because companies grow, they change product lines, decide to pursue new messaging, and update their logos and branding.  Replacement graphics allow you to do all of that.  If there was something that didn’t quite speak to your desired audience, you can fix that.  Your graphics can continue to evolve with your marketing efforts without the need to throw out the entire display.  Because they’re so affordable, you may want to look around our online store for additional exhibiting extras such as a trade show reception counter so you can greet your guests as they enter your booth space.