8′ Serpentine Pop Up Display with Lights


The 8′ Serpentine Pop Up Display with Lights Includes:

• 01 x 8’ Serpentine frame
• 18 x channel bars
• 01 x outer/rear curved graphic panel
• 02 x front curved graphic panels
• 02 x graphic end cap panels
• 02 x LED floodlights
• 01 x molded case

Exhibiting in a smaller space isn’t always easy to capture the attention of the trade show crowd.  When your space is limited, this doesn’t necessarily limit your ability to reach your intended audience on the trade show floor.  The only limits are really your own imagination with this budget friendly and easy to install 8′ Serpentine Pop Up Display with Lights.  Graphics pop on UV fabric and appear smooth and seamless.  Easily scaled up to accommodate growing exhibiting needs, this is an attractive option for your next trade show, event, or exhibition.

The 8′ Serpentine Pop Up Display with Lights- Key Advantages:

Whether this is your first or hundredth trade show or event, it’s important to position yourself in the right light on the trade show floor.  This means you must have your branding and messaging easily accessible to show attendees.  With the 8′ Serpentine Pop Up Display with Lights, you place your branding and messaging front and center.

Pop up trade show displays are the easiest to install and assemble.  One person can do it alone in a mere minutes.  This eliminates the need to contract out with trade show installation and dismantling teams and allows you to stretch your marketing budget further in the places where it counts the most.  This is simple to expand and attach the graphics to.  Lights clip on overhead and shine brightly down upon your branding and messaging.  This creates a glow in often dark aisles at trade shows or other exhibitions.  The included molded case is not only functional for storage and transportation, but it’s also easily turned into a reception counter with the addition of a wrap around graphic.

As your exhibiting needs grow, your brand can also add the accompanying monitor mount (sold separately) to broadcast video on your own monitor inside your trade show booth.


Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 27 × 18 in