8′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit Graphics


The 8′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit Graphics Includes:

  • One pillowcase zipper fabric graphic
  • Replacement graphics does not include hardware- only when purchased as a part of the original kit is hardware included.

Assembled Dimensions: 99.75″W x 92.5″H x 13.75″D

The 8′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit is a great trade show display for small spaces and regional conferences.  Small, lightweight, and compact, it’s also very budget-friendly.  Because it is simply a fabric back wall, the focus will be on your graphics.  This means you’ll need a great design to splash across your 8′ tension fabric graphics.  Soft to the touch, the fabric used in this display is zipper pillowcase fabric.  This is used as a standard part of many affordable and stylish trade show displays.  The reason why is because the fabric is very sturdy and it holds its shape well.  When zipped close, it appears taut.  It also lends stability to the display overall.

When attending various shows, your messaging won’t always resonate the same.  Different audiences may require different messaging.   This is why we offer replacement 8′ tension fabric graphics. These graphics are of the same high quality as the ones originally included in the 8′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit.  Affordable, they offer exhibitors the ability to tailor their branding and messaging to different crowds.  As exhibitors branch out to more industries to find new clients, they have an opportunity to tailor that message to speak to each unique audience.  Diversification like this means you can’t trot out the same stale display and achieve success at every show. The technology crowd differs wildly from the agriculture crowd, and yet there are businesses that serve both industries.  Think of how you can refresh your message to ensure it’s on target for each event you attend.

Should you need assistance in putting a design concept together, our design team is happy to assist.  Select the design hours you’d like to add to your order and they’ll consult with you to help you put your best foot forward on the trade show floor.

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in