8’x8′ SEG Light Box Single-Print Graphics Only


The 8’x8′ SEG Light Box Single-Print Graphics Only Includes:

  • Replacement graphics only for the 8’x8′ SEG light box
  • No frame is included
  • No additional accessories are included.

Assembly Dimensions: 95.35″W x 94.74″H x 19.69″D

When you go to the trouble of putting your name in lights in an attractive 8’x8′ light box banner display, you don’t want to outgrow your product.  Every marketer’s dream is to grow larger and to require more marketing tools to communicate with your intended audience.  However, that doesn’t mean you leave some of your secret weapons (like a light box) behind.  Instead, as you introduce new products or adopt new branding and messaging, it’s time to order a graphic reprint.  This way, you can continue to use your extrusion frame for as long as you can without needing to buy a whole new set up.  These fabric graphics work solely with the 8’x8′ SEG light box banner display.  They are not compatible with other systems.

Weight 91 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 26 × 12 in