Aisleway Traffic Flow Floor Decal Kit


The Aisleway Traffic Flow Floor Decal Kit Includes:

  • One rectangular entry sign, one rectangular no entry sign, and 10 arrows
  • Contour cut vinyl adhesive stickers
  • Rectangular signs are 19″x12″
  • Arrow signs are 6″x8″
  • Compatible with additional signage to enforce social distancing requirements.

Assembled Dimensions: Varies.

Keep your customers, vendors, employees and general public safe with this social distancing aisle floor decal kit.  Narrow aisles can be difficult for people to socially distance in without fearing they may get sick.  Instead of running the risk of customers or employees making difficult decisions, purchase our Aisleway Traffic Flow Floor Decal Kit.  This will immediately let them know which way to enter and visually point the way.

The Aisleway Traffic Flow Floor Decal Kit- Key Advantages:

Tape alone can’t communicate social distancing guidelines with the general public.  Instead, choose our Aisleway Traffic Flow Floor Decal Kit.  Scratch and slip-resistant, these floor decals will visually communicate where it is safe to enter and which way people should go down narrow aisles.  This is perfect for spaces such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and any business who wants to map out a route to keep their employees, vendors, and customers safe.

Easy to install, these vinyl adhesive stickers will last through continued use.  They’re also easy to clean with some gentle dish soap and water.  Using these vinyl floor decals, you avoid having to retape 6 feet spaces every other day.  Instead, you can rely on these durable floor decals.

Weight 10 lbs