Bannitizer Sanitizing Station Kit


The Bannitizer Sanitizing Station Kit Includes:

  • 1000ml battery operated sanitizer with lock
  • Accessory channel holds upright and sanitizer dispenser
  • Variable height graphic from 60″-83″ when retracted
  • Hybrid bungee/ telescoping pole with toolless quick rail
  • Adjustable feet on base
  • Anodized silver base only
  • Quick slide graphic to leader attachment
  • Graphic tensioner
  • Supplied with carry bag with strap.

Assembled Dimensions: 33.75″W x 62.75″ – 85.75″H x 7.87″D

Bannitizer Sanitizing Station Single-Sided Graphic

The Bannitizer Sanitizing Station Single-Sided Graphic Includes:

  • Single-sided vinyl graphic
  • Does not include hardware when purchased separately from the Bannitizer Sanitizing Station Kit
  • Variable height = 60"- 83" when retracted.

Assembled Dimensions: 31.5"W x 60" - 83"H


Whether used on the trade show floor, at events, or inside a store or restaurant, this is one of the smartest retractable banner stands you will ever purchase.  This retractable banner stand is unique because it also comes with a holder for a sanitizing dispenser.  Now you can communicate with your intended audience and offer them a way to keep themselves healthy and safe.  Whether this messaging is inclusive of social distancing guidelines, guidance on the use of masks, or how to navigate the facility properly, your communications will be supported by the ability to offer sanitizer to the public.

The Bannitizer Sanitizing Station Kit- Key Advantages:

Businesses that are serious about keeping people healthy should invest in the Bannitizer Sanitizing Station Kit.  Inside of retail stores, healthcare facilities, manufacturing environments, restaurants, and other public places, this can help enforce health and safety guidelines while providing a place to also offer hand sanitizer.  On the trade show floor and at events, it can also offer attendees a place to safely clean their hands while reading about your business’ newest products, demonstration instructions, and more.  It is a great way to show your employees, vendors, business partners, customers and prospects that you are invested in their health and safety.

Easy to assemble and dismantle, this is a retractable banner stand.  Yes, it does include a holder that turns it into a sanitizing station.  However, instructions are provided in the kit when it arrives.  Similar to our other retractable banner stands, you will insert the pole into the base, secure the pole, raise it to its desired height and raise the graphic to meet the desired height. The addition of the side holder for a sanitizer dispenser is just as easy.

This banner stand with sanitizer holder also comes with a soft sided carrying bag that can help you not only keep organized, but carry this product easier from location to location.  Don’t forget to also look for our other great information systems to reinforce healthy habits at your facility or event.  Replacement graphics for this item are also available.

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 10 × 5 in

Bannitizer Sanitizing Station Single-Sided Graphic

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 10 × 5 in