Circle Post Sanitizing Stand


The Circle Post Sanitizing Stand Includes:

  • Hands-free 100ml battery-operated sanitizer dispenser with lock (4 C batteries required)
  • Sanitizer dispenser uses gel and liquid, which are not included in your purchase
  • Sturdy 1200mm/4 ft tall aluminum post and heavy domed steel base plate ensures stability
  • Circular sign graphics are rigid
  • Sanitizer is sold separately- not included.

Assembled Dimensions: 20″w x 60″h x 18″d

Circle Post Sanitizing Stand Graphics

The Circle Post Sanitizing Stand Graphics Includes:

  • Rigid circular graphics
  • Replacement graphics do not include hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 20"w x 16"h x18"d



Protecting the health and safety of everyone is a major priority.  Whether you are a business seeking to place a sanitizing stand at the entrance to protect employees, customers, vendors, and visitors or an exhibitor returning to a trade show, this is a handy device to have on hand.  Sanitizer stands are popping up everywhere and the general public is starting to expect them at entrances to stores, convention halls, and more.  Don’t be left out by not purchasing one to visually show people that you are protecting their health as best you can.

The Circle Post Sanitizing Stand- Key Advantages:

When you purchase a Circle Post Sanitizing Stand, you are visually communicating to the general public that you care about their health and safety.  You also help keep your own staff safe by offering them the ability to sanitize when they are working.  The rigid graphics allow you to feature your branding and messaging such as remember to clean your hands.  The ability to brand your efforts to protect others creates a favorable impression of your business and enhances brand recognition.  When customers tell others about their experience, this is something they will likely mention.

The Circle Post Sanitizing Stand is very easy to install.  One person can put it together in minutes without any special tools.  All instructions are included in the kit when it ships.  There are also instructions for troubleshooting the sanitizer dispenser in the event it’s installed wrong or you haven’t put in the gel or liquid to be dispensed.

This product can be manufactured within days after we receive your graphic proof approval.  Once that occurs, we can ship it out to you, and depending upon your location, you should have it within days.  If you need help with a special graphic design and do not have a designer on staff, please select design time prior to check out.  One of our designers will reach out to you to consult with you and help you with logo placement, color, imagery, and more.

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in