Clear Plex Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall


The Clear Plex Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall Includes:

  • Lightweight and portable clear plexiglass sneeze guard divider wall
  • Aluminum magnetic frame with snap button assembly
  • 2 plexiglass panels offered unprinted but printing can be arranged by calling our Account Specialists
  • Easy to wipe clean with disinfectant spray
  • Magnetic frames connect easily and can be positioned at any angle.

Assembled Dimensions: 36″W x 92.2″H x 15.7″D

Across the country, businesses in various sectors are starting to open up again.  Many counties are already in stage 2 or stage 3 of reopening, which allow for restaurants, bars, retail stores, and salons to reopen.  With diminished capacity rules in place and guidelines for protecting the health of others, we have the solution you need.  We are now offering the Clear Plex Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall.  This portable clear divider wall is made of 3″ infill plexiglass in a magnetic aluminum frame.  These can help provide barriers between tables in restaurants, barriers between salon stations, and more.

The Clear Plex Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall- Key Advantages:

A clear divider wall is the solution to the social distancing that your business needs to visibly show people that you’re concerned for their health and safety.  It also doesn’t obstruct people’s views, whether dining in a restaurant, getting your hair done in a salon, or even interacting with a cashier at your local favorite retail store. Because the Clear Plex Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall is magnetic, you can easily connect 2 or more together to provide extra protection in larger spaces.

Easy to assemble, this is a magnetic aluminum frame with a snap button assembly.  They have stability feet that keep everything nice and balanced.  Each plexiglass panel is a 3″ infill that can either be printed or go unprinted.  The benefits of printing on the panels are that you brand it so customers and employees know who is looking after their wellbeing while they’re in the store, salon, or restaurant.  Brand recognition is important and it’s important to help customers understand who is committed to providing as safe an environment as possible.

The clear divider wall can be used in conjunction with our other Covid-19 solutions such as sneeze guards with a bank for cashiers and branded floor decals that remind customers of social distancing measures that are still in place. We also offer retail masks that are fashionable and functional.  Please browse our store for more items to keep your staff and customers safe during the period of reopening.

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 14 × 9 in

Unprinted, One Panel Printed, Two Panels Printed