Clear Plex & PVC Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall


The Clear Plex & PVC Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall Includes:

  • Lightweight and portable sneeze guard divider wall
  • Aluminum magnetic frame with snap button assembly
  • 1 plexiglass panel and 1 PVC panel offered unprinted but printing can be arranged by calling our Account Specialists
  • Easy to wipe clean with disinfectant spray
  • Magnetic frames connect easily and can be positioned at any angle
  • Artwork prints directly onto the plexiglass or PVC single-sided.

Assembled Dimensions: 36″W x 92.2″H x 15.7″D

Across the nation, many counties in many states are beginning different phases of reopening society.  This includes reopening restaurants for diners to dine inside, hair salons, retail stores, malls, and more.  In order to reopen safely, many business owners have been seeking a sneeze guard divider resource to keep their customers, employees, and vendors safe in these uncertain times.  That’s why we’ve developed the Clear Plex & PVC Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall.  Made of magnetic aluminum with PVC and clear plexiglass panels, this is a great solution for your business.

The Clear Plex & PVC Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall- Key Advantages:

The most successful businesses reopening are showing visible signs that they’re taking people’s health seriously.  This includes not only wearing PPE, but also obtaining items like a sneeze guard divider wall.  Our Clear Plex & PVC Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall is magnetic and can be easily joined with another sneeze guard divider wall to offer enhanced protection in larger spaces.  Each panel is 3″ thick.  One panel is constructed of clear plexiglass that can offer an unobstructed view of your surroundings and the other panel is constructed out of PVC, offering a rigid bottom that could offer a bit more privacy.

Each sneeze guard divider wall is easy to assemble and portable.  This means they’re easy to move around your business and can be moved as stations change.  Reconfiguring tables? No problem.  You can carry the sneeze guard divider wall to a new location.  There are stability feet at the bottom that help them to stay erect.

We also offer printing options that can help you to brand your Clear Plex & PVC Magnetic Sneeze Guard Divider Wall. This means you can let your customers, employees, and vendors know who is looking after their health.  It encourages brand recognition as well.  When people take pictures on social media, others will know where to go for a safer experience.

Don’t forget to browse the rest of our online store.  We have many Covid-19 safety items from face coverings to floor decals, signage, and more.  Reopen safely with visual cues that tell people you’re concerned about their health and safety.  Be the business that cares.


Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 12 × 5 in

Unprinted, Print PVC Panel, Print Plex Panel, Print Both Panels