Custom: 20′ Tension Fabric Display Kit, Single Sided Print Graphics


The Custom: 20′ Tension Fabric Display Kit, Single Sided Print Graphics Includes:

  • Hook and loop fabric endcaps with endcaps
  • Replacement graphics do not include hardware.

Assembled Dimensions:
Graphic Width: 259″
Graphic Height: 89.5″

Put your best foot forward at your next trade show, exhibition, fair, or other event with your 20′ Tension Fabric Display Kit, Single Sided Print.  Purchasing the original kit comes with hook and loop graphics that attach easily onto the collapsable frame.  Endcaps are included to ensure your frame isn’t visible from the sides.

As you use your tension fabric display kit, you may start to realize that you need replacement tension fabric graphics.  This is often the case when you change messaging in your marketing.  Sometimes you add new product lines and want to show them off to the world.  Maybe you’ve merged or refreshed your logo in recent years and your current tension fabric graphics don’t quite make sense anymore.

In this case, we offer replacement graphics that will work with your existing hardware.  Replacement graphics do not come with the original hardware.  If you’ve got a graphic designer on your staff, we can provide you with a template to prepare for print.  Once you approve the print layout, our graphics can be printed within a 1-3 day period and shipped out according to your specifications.  However, if you don’t have a graphic designer on staff, you might want to select some design time and allow our team to help you with laying out your graphics. Our designers are very good and can help you decide where to put your branding and messaging, and which graphics will convey your messaging just right.

Please take a look around our store for more great solutions as well.  We have a variety of options for exhibiting indoors and outdoors from trade show reception counters and media kiosks to outdoor signage, banner flags, and more.  We also have a variety of shipping containers for the essentials from cameras to audio-visual equipment and banner stand containers.