Fabric Charging Station Counter


The Fabric Charging Station Counter Includes:

  • Features 8 high-speed charging tips: (4) Micro USB for Android devices and (4) Apple 8-pin for Apple iPhone/iPad/Lightning devices
  • Tabletop offered in choice of four thermoform color options – silver, black, mahogany or natural.

Assembled Dimensions: 23.72″W x 41.54″H x 23.62″D

Fabric Charging Station Counter Graphics

The Fabric Charging Station Counter Graphics Includes:

  • Push-fit stretch fabric graphics
  • Does not include hardware unless purchased with the Fabric Charging Station Counter.

Assembled Dimensions: 23.72"W x 41.54"H x 23.62"D


Today’s busy trade show attendee has miles to potentially walk at a large trade show and hundreds, if not thousands, of exhibitors seeking their attention.  After a few hours, it can feel overwhelming and the burn out can set in.  Worse, yet, their smart devices can feel the burn out after entering contact information, searching for exhibitors’ websites, or taking business calls while out of the office.  When this burn out occurs, why not be the one exhibitor on the trade show floor with an opportunity to recharge their devices? Nobody wants to trek across the exhibit hall to find the charging lounge and lock their phone away in a box.  This is a common complaint at trade shows.  This is why you can offer a charging option that also allows people to be near their phones in the event of a call or just to check their email.

The Fabric Charging Station Counter Key Benefits:

What if you could get people to enter your trade show booth and linger a little longer?  What if they lingered just long enough to become interested in your goods and services?  This is the concept behind our Fabric Charging Station Counter.  The idea is to entice people to come into your trade show booth under the premise of charging their electronic devices and to stay a little while longer to hear your product pitch or what you’ve got to offer them.  This is not a far stretch as many conversations often occur at the show sponsored charging areas, where people often have to leave their devices in lockers or they charge in ports hanging out of the side of a wall.  In this case, similar to many airport device stations, visitors are encouraged to plug in their devices and let their guards down to unplug themselves while their electronics charge.  During this process, it’s often easier to start up a conversation and find out what brought these visitors to the show in the first place.  This kind of approach can potentially engage more visitors that could turn into viable prospects later on.


Weight 66 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 29 × 15 in
Tabletop Color Option

Silver, Black, Mahogany, Natural

Fabric Charging Station Counter Graphics

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in