Custom Printed Full Wall for 10′ Outdoor Tent


The Custom Printed Full Wall for 10′ Outdoor Tent Includes:

  • This only includes one custom printed full wall for a 10′ outdoor tent
  • Does not include carrying bag (sold separately)
  • Does not include the original 10′ Outdoor Tent

Add protection from the elements and custom branded messaging to your next outdoor event.  The Custom Printed Full Wall for Outdoor Tent allows you to have your branding and messaging right in people’s line of sight whereas they may not see branding on a table skirt if people are standing in front of it.

The Custom Printed Full Wall for 10′ Outdoor Tent- Key Advantages:

Ensure event attendees are always able to find you.  By adding a custom printed wall to your outdoor event tents, you’ll be able to project additional branding and messaging that won’t necessarily fit on a custom canopy.  Imagine being able to show off your product images with your branding and key value points.  This can extend the life of your outdoor event tent.

The full wall does not include a carrying bag, so it’s recommended that you include it with your 10′ outdoor tent, which does include a carrying bag.  Or if you purchase multiple walls, you can purchase one of our carrying bags separately.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 4 in