Heavy-Duty Outdoor Wind Sign


The Heavy-Duty Outdoor Wind Sign Includes:

  • Double-sided
  • Quick and easy graphic changes
  • Dual-spring design flexes to withstand wind gusts
  • Compact durable base can be filled with water or sand for extra stability
  • Integrated wheel set
  • Front loading snap frames constructed from aluminum and powder coated steel
  • Padded base prevents wear and tear
  • Base holds 7.5 gallons of water
  • *For applications below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, use sand in place of water.

Assembled Dimensions: 30.75″W x 44.12″H x 19.5″D

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Wind Sign Graphics

The Heavy-Duty Outdoor Wind Sign Graphics Includes:

  • Double-sided PVC graphics
  • Easy to snap into place in existing hardware
  • Does not include new hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 30.75"W x 44.12"H x 19.5"D


What do you do when the wind picks up and you’re hoping to advertise your trade show booth, event presence or even your brick and mortar store?  Why you turn to our Heavy-Duty Outdoor Wind Sign.  We name it so because it is a heavy-duty double-sided wind sign for indoor or outdoor advertising. The stand has a wheeled, compact moulded base that can be filled with water or sand to add to your durability.  Because the frame is a snap frame, it allows you to change out your messaging quite easy.

The Heavy-Duty Outdoor Wind Sign- Key Advantages: 

How often have you exhibited in conditions like wind and rain?  Many an exhibitor has watched signage fly away from their outdoor exhibits in these conditions.  Many store and restaurant owners have similarly seen the same happen, depending on region and season.  That’s why we offer the Heavy-Duty Outdoor Wind Sign.  You’ll be able to fill the base so it’s weighted to stay in place.  Whether attending a trade show, event, or just advertising your daily specials, you’ll have the comfort of knowing this is a sign built to last.

We do recommend that you fill it with sand or water, depending on the conditions you expect to place your sign in. This sign base will hold 7.5 gallons of water or sand.  Because the frame has a snap panel, you can easily change out messaging on a rotating basis to ensure you’re always saying the right things to your audience.  New specials? No problem.  New management? No problem.  New discounts?  No problem.  You can easily order replacement graphics for this outdoor wind sign.

We have a variety of other outdoor essentials to help promote your business.  We recommend that you peruse our site to find complementary items that will help you shine at your next festival, event, exhibition, or trade show.


Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 27 × 10 in

Single-Sided, Double-Sided

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Wind Sign Graphics

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 27 × 10 in