Printed Full Wall for 20′ Outdoor Tent


The Printed Full Wall for 20′ Outdoor Tent Includes:

  • One printed full wall for a 20′ Outdoor Tent
  • Does not include a carrying bag
  • Does not include a 20′ Outdoor Tent.

Whether using your 20′ Outdoor Tent for an outdoor event, festival, or fair, include a back wall or more to protect your staff from the elements or shelter your production team as you serve attendees.  Alternatively, if you’re using your 20′ Outdoor Tent as a rescue or disaster preparedness tent, the addition of more walls can help keep your operations protected.

The Printed Full Wall for 20′ Outdoor Tent- Key Advantages:

A full wall for an outdoor tent is extremely useful and versatile.  This can help define your tent as a safe space for rescue or medical operations or it can help protect your staff at an event.  As you serve others, it’ll be important that you include multiple walls to keep your products safe.

The printed full wall does not include a carrying bag.  If you’re only ordering one, you can simply slip it into your existing bag for your 20′ Outdoor Tent.  If you’re ordering more, please browse our store for a carrying bag option to fit your needs.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 4 in

White, Black, Blue, Grey, Red