Reconfigurable 20′ Fabric Backwall Kit Graphics


The Reconfigurable 20′ Fabric Backwall Kit Graphics Includes:

  • Zipper pillowcase fabric graphics
  • Replacement fabric backwall graphics do not include hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 227.18″W x 96″H x 39.34″D

Every marketer needs multiple tools at their disposal.  When it comes to exhibiting, a series of events may require that you have a trade show display system that can adapt to changing booth spaces.  For this reason, reconfigurable trade show displays are very popular.  Our Reconfigurable 20′ Fabric Backwall Kit can fit in a 20-foot inline space, but it can also reconfigure into a 10-foot inline display and separate banner stands.  Yet when people see you on the trade show floor, what they’ll really remember are your fabric backwall graphics.  That’s why you need to ensure they’re of the highest quality and reach your desired audience.

The Reconfigurable 20′ Fabric Backwall Kit Graphics- Key Advantages:

Our Reconfigurable 20′ Fabric Backwall Kit Graphics are zipper pillowcase graphics.  These are industry standard for many fabric backwall graphics because they conform well to frames that are curved or angular.  They are also very soft to the touch.  That’s why they’re named pillowcase graphics.   These are high-quality graphics that look great at any event or trade show.

Because our reconfigurable fabric backwall graphics are such high-quality, they may outlast your marketing.  Over time, it’s only natural that businesses grow and change.  As they change, you can adapt and change by ordering replacement fabric backwall graphics.  This allows you to add any new products, new messaging, or update your logo and branding.

To order replacement graphics, you’ll want to keep your overall layout and objectives in mind.  Since it’s reconfigurable, you’ll want to keep in mind what the main messaging is and to place that in the center fabric backwall piece.  You’ll also want to consider how you layout your graphics for the banner stands that can be used alone or together in the 20-foot inline display. There’s much to consider. Once you have your high-resolution graphics prepared, you can send them to us to prepare a graphic proof.  Once you approve that graphic proof, manufacturing usually prepares your graphics in 1-3 days.  Then we ship them directly to you using the method you specified at checkout.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in