SEG Pop Up Counter Case Backlit


SEG Pop Up Counter Case Backlit – Kit Includes: 

  • Illuminated collapsible display counter
  • Top available in four laminate finish options
  • Supports max 50 lbs.
  • Quick to set-up
  • SEG dye-sublimation graphics
  • Includes LED lights for the top and bottom cross bars
  • Carry bag included
  • Easy to store and ship.

Assembled Dimensions 41″W x 40.5″H x 15.75″D

SEG Pop Up Counter Case Backlit Graphics

The SEG Pop Up Counter Case Backlit Graphics Includes:

  • SEG dye-sublimation graphics
  • Replacement graphics do not include hardware or lights.

Assembled Dimensions: 41"W x 40.5"H x 15.75"D


Ready to take your trade show booth to the next level? How about adding some bright accents to the foreground of your exhibit by replacing your old trade show table with this pop up backlit counter?  The SEG Pop Up Counter Case Backlit is a backlit reception counter that you need to attract more attention.

When visitors are browsing for new suppliers on a crowded trade show floor, the foreground of your exhibit plays a key factor in swaying their first impression. Some would argue that a trade show table with a black or white cloth on top might be sufficient because they are betting that the quality of their products and services is enough of an incentive for people to stop and ask about them. After 20 years of designing custom trade show booths, we would advise not leaving this decision factor in the hands of the distracted passersby and rather entice them by placing your promotional materials and staff next to a professional-looking backlit reception counter.

To put it simply, this backlit reception counter is an off-the-shelf product that will give the impression of a custom trade show booth where every design detail has been carefully taken into consideration by the exhibitor.

SEG Pop Up Counter Case Backlit – Key Features: 

The graphics on your SEG tension fabric are dye sublimated.  Although a direct print process is faster and less expensive for a manufacturer, dye sublimation alone guarantees a light and soft to the touch fabric for your trade fair counter. Since the graphics are imbued in the pores of the synthetic fabric instead of being printed on top of the material, this process creates splendid colors and impeccable printed fonts that are more resilient to fading from dry cleaning or the usual wear and tear.

Quality graphics are usually enough to grab prospects attention and to accommodate smaller budgets we also sell a cheaper counter. To raise the bar however, this model comes with two high-luminescence, long-lasting LED bars that will give glowing accents to your branding making it stand out from the rest of the exhibitors.

When we recommend replacing your trade show table with a backlit counter, we don’t just think of how pretty it looks, we also pay attention to practicality.  The frame is durable and can be assembled in minutes by only one person without any additional help or tools required. The counter also features a middle shelf that helps you have enough literature within arm’s reach without over cluttering the top board. To make sure the top of your counter matches the theme of your booth and any graphic design you might request, we offer 4 laminated finish options for it: black, silver, natural, and mahogany.  Please notify us of your desired laminate finish upon ordering.



Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 18 × 17 in
Counter Laminate Finish

Silver, Black, Mahogany, Natural

SEG Pop Up Counter Case Backlit Graphics

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in