Provide a Better Trade Show Experience

When attending a trade show, the thing that strikes you immediately is how many exhibitors there are.  Aisle after aisle of exhibitors are all seeking the attention of potential buyers, vendors, or partners.  With hundreds of exhibitors or even thousands, your brand may get overlooked.  If you’ve got a 10×10 or 10×20 trade show booth space, it’s important that you stand out from the crowd.  You’ll do so by providing a better trade show experience with your exhibit.  But how do you provide a better trade show experience when you’re not the industry giant or you don’t have a massive budget?  Try the following tips:

Include Technology in Your Trade Show Exhibit

There is a lot of options for smaller exhibitors nowadays including technology.  Many trade show exhibits already include monitor mounts, but if they don’t, you can also purchase a monitor mount to add onto your trade show exhibit.  This allows you to feature video playing on your own LED screen as show attendees walk by.  Why tell them about your products when you can instead show them?

Another great idea is to feature an iPad stand.  An iPad stand can enhance your trade show experience by offering a mobile point of sale inside your trade show booth.  It can also help you to walk people through a demonstration or presentation about your products and services.

By featuring technology in your trade show booth, you can provide a better trade show experience.  You instantly turn your exhibit into an interactive environment instead of something to view quickly and pass by.  Interactivity is highly sought after in the trade show world because of the trade show experience it provides.

Feature Your Products Prominently in Your Trade Show Exhibit

If you’ve got products to sell, put them on display! Get your exhibit some accent shelves.  By featuring them prominently in your trade show exhibit, you provide a better trade show experience.  Now show attendees can pick them up, look them over, and see how they would function.  When you combine that with the ability to also show a product demonstration, you’re providing an even better trade show experience for interested attendees. The combination can turn an interested prospect into a customer.

Facilitate Conversation in Your Trade Show Booth

One of the ways you can easily provide a better trade show experience is to facilitate conversation.  Items like a trade show reception counter are great to meet and greet people and learn a little bit more about what it is they’re hoping to see at the show.  Then you can also discover their unique needs and how your products or services could potentially meet those needs. Another great way to facilitate conversation and enhance people’s trade show experience is with a game or giveaway.  These are big draws for people when they’re considering walking into one trade show booth versus another.  You don’t have to have something expensive and flashy to draw people to your game.  Nor do you have to offer the most expensive prizes.  But you do want to know your audience.  For example, at a nursing show, prizes like Coach purses are far more valued than a new iPad.  Think about what your potential audience would like and then provide a fun trade show experience for them.

When thinking about the trade show experience you’d like to provide, you’ll realize you don’t need to blow your budget to accomplish your goals.  If you need more assistance, contact our friendly Account Specialists for help.  They’ll be able to make some recommendations to help you provide a better trade show experience.