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Quality Graphics

Quality Graphics

Branding your company through your graphics is vitally important. On the trade show floor you have less than six seconds to draw the attention of your audience as they walk down the aisle. Using eye-catching images and concise words is the key to your pitch. Our graphic design team understands this concept and works with you to send the right message.

Your graphics should not only deliver a message effectively, they should be well made and worth the money you are spending on them. Quality graphics feature impeccable resolution and durable laminates that protect your investment. Our graphics are printed on state-of-the-art Hewlett Packard equipment using HP inks and special photographic media that blocks backlighting from showing through your graphics. Our high-resolution printers and color-matching software provide you with top-quality prints that complement your existing marketing materials.

We employ the latest in graphics production technology including:

  • 54” HP Scitex FB950
  • 60” HP Designjet Z6100
  • 126” HP Scitex LX850

Our protective laminate is thick and has a non-reflective matte finish. Inferior displays use considerably thinner laminates that cause graphics to crease and kink easily.

All of our graphic printing is done in-house at our graphic studio in Las Vegas. This streamlined process allows our clients to purchase exhibit hardware, work with an onsite graphic designer, and have their graphics produced all in one facility. There is no outsourcing that causes additional problems in communication or quality control.

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