Simple Items You Can Add to Improve Your Trade Show Messaging

Trade show messaging is often a tricky area when you’re trying to exhibit on a budget.  There are so many ideas that you likely have, but you can’t quite do the same things that the giants in your industry can accomplish.  You’re not quite ready for double-sided spinning hanging signs that need to be professionally rigged and you’re not yet ready for items like CNC cut out props.  But luckily, there are a number of ways to improve your trade show messaging without breaking the proverbial bank.  Try these tips for your next trade show:

Add Banner Flags to Improve Your Trade Show Messaging

Whether you’ve opted for a simple trade show display pop up or a simple tension fabric display, there’s room to improve your trade show messaging with banner flags.  Many clean, modern displays often feature banner flags to enhance trade show messaging by printing slogans on them, product lines, or just generally attracting trade show attendees’ attention with brightly colored banner flags at the end of the trade show booth.  This works not only in trade shows, but at events such as concerts, where concertgoers need to know where registration, will call, or other important places are located.  It also works at the fair, at soccer games, and more.  Consider how the use of banner flags is an important part of trade show messaging and more because they simply work.

Improve Your Trade Show Messaging with LED Monitors

Exhibitors love technology as do trade show attendees.  The reason why is they’re great opportunities to broadcast a message, demo, or commercial to the masses.  By selecting a trade show display with LED monitor mounts, you can amplify your trade show messaging easily.  Cost effective, this allows you to use your own monitor at no extra cost to broadcast your trade show messaging, extending what’s on the back wall behind you.

Consider Using a Double-Sided Hanging Sign to Improve Your Trade Show Messaging

Double-sided hanging signs are incredibly popular with exhibitors for many reasons.  Chief among them is the ability to print your brand’s logo and graphics on the outside and a tag line or meaningful trade show messaging inside the hanging sign. Every bit of real estate can help trade show attendees to learn more about your product, goods, and services when you think along these lines.  A double-sided hanging sign brings the opportunity to the sky, projecting your trade show messaging above the crowd for all to see.  Consider how this option, while a bit of a spend, is a great idea for your brand.

Put that Trade Show Messaging in Lights

Ever wonder why some simple tension fabric displays stand out more than others?  Often, it’s because they’re backlit, illuminated, or constructed of light boxes.  Imagine your brand next to a competitor on the trade show floor.  Now imagine that your brand’s visual imagery and trade show messaging is amplified in lights.  It’s like Broadway, baby.  The lights draw people’s attention to the most important elements on the trade show floor- your messaging and imagery connecting to your brand.  As one of the most important elements of sound trade show exhibit design, light is something that can be obtained the easiest.  Even if there’s no money in the budget for a fancy backlit trade show display, there’s money for simple clip on LED lights to shine down on what’s most important in your trade show display.

Extending your trade show messaging need not be incredibly expensive.  It also need not be overly complicated.  Think how these display options can amplify your messaging without causing you to regret your exhibiting choice.  For more great ideas, contact us on LiveChat to talk through your budget and exhibiting ideas.