Tell Your Brand Story in 4 Easy Steps with Your Trade Show Display

Whether this is your first time exhibiting at a trade show, or your hundredth, you’re likely acutely aware that your trade show display needs to communicate your brand story in only seconds.  With fierce competition in trade show booths of varying sizes, exhibitors have anywhere between one and five seconds to capture people’s attention before they could be lost for good.  Does anyone remember the exhibits you might have passed in the consumer goods halls at the fair that failed to capture your attention?  They become vague memories, instead of must-see destinations.  At your next trade show, use your trade show display to communicate your brand story effectively so you don’t fade into the background.  Try the following tips:

Brand Your Trade Show Display Back Wall with Your Logo and Messaging

An easy way to communicate your brand story with your trade show display is to brand your back wall with your logo, some imagery and messaging.  A great rule of thumb is to determine what your brand story is first, and then choose images and messaging that don’t compete with that brand story on the back wall of your trade show display.  Imagine being at an industry event for food and beverages but using imagery that doesn’t speak to that audience.  You’d imagine some sort of branding and imagery of food or drinks featured prominently on the trade show display.  However, if you miss the mark, you could be missing a huge opportunity to reach your intended audience and convert attendees into sales.

Use Media Kiosks to Communicate Your Brand Story in Your Trade Show Display

If you’ve got a little extra room in your trade show display, it’s a good idea to opt for a media kiosk.  People love technology and they also love an opportunity to engage their sense of touch at a trade show.  That’s why a media kiosk inside your trade show display is such a smart idea- it offers another way to communicate with your intended audience.  This could be a commercial or Powerpoint playing on loop on a monitor or tablet, or demo running that can interest people passing by your trade show display.  With only seconds to interest someone in visiting your trade show display, opt for something that will capture their attention immediately.

Try an Overhead Hanging Sign  

Overhead hanging signs are very popular in exhibit halls.  Why?  Because not only do they offer more real estate to advertise your brand, but they also help direct trade show attendees to your trade show display.  An overhead hanging sign is not always accessible to the first-time exhibitor, whose budget might be thin, but if you’ve got a little extra to spend, it’s worth the extra money.  This is because you not only define yourself as an experienced exhibitor, but you also help your trade show display to stand out from the rest.  Use the extra real estate a hanging sign could provide to tell your brand story.  Opt for a double-sided sign to print messaging inside and your branding on the outside.  This does double duty for communicating your brand story and driving people to your trade show display.

Position a Backlit Reception Counter in Front of Your Trade Show Display

The three items that make a good exhibit great are color, light, and motion.  When you’re on a fixed budget, a backlit reception counter would be a smart option to tell your brand story in lights.  Whether tension fabric, pop up, or made of SEG fabric, a backlit reception counter attracts people to your trade show booth with lights.  Trade show attendees’ eyes are naturally drawn to the light at your trade show display and can take in your brand story in seconds.

No matter your industry, you’ve got multiple options to differentiate yourself on the trade show floor with your brand story.  Using these tools as a part of your trade show booth, you too can increase brand awareness and recognition.  As your brand grows, so too can your trade show display to include more bells and whistles.