The Best Marketing Techniques to Drive Crowds to Your Trade Show Booth

One of the largest hurdles for a new exhibitor or one who has a smaller trade show booth space is how to attract more people to your space.  New exhibitors and exhibitors in smaller spaces such as a 10×10 trade show booth or even a 10×20 often struggle with attracting a crowd to their space.  Often, the smaller booth spaces are wedged in between a row of dozens of other competitors who offer similar, if not exact same products and services.  How does an exhibitor increase their booth traffic when there’s a line of other businesses with the same goods and services to offer?  The answer is with sound marketing techniques.  Try the following techniques to increase your traffic and overall trade show ROI:

Buy the Show List and Market to These Attendees

Almost every single trade show offers a trade show list of attendees.  While some only offer this after the show, most do offer a list in advance of the trade show.  Whether they include phone numbers and email addresses, a little research can often yield any missing information that you can use to engage in both email marketing blasts and a targeted phone call campaign.  Each of these should be geared towards mentioning your trade show booth location and benefits of stopping by to see your brand.  This is a common technique for exhibitors, so it shouldn’t be your only marketing tactic to drive more people to your trade show booth.

Set Up a Targeted PPC Campaign Around the Trade Show

PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising, is one of the largest ways in which businesses acquire new traffic on their website.  For exhibitors, it’s also a underutilized technique to drive prospective attendees to your trade show booth.  Consider starting a campaign with a targeted landing page offering information about your trade show booth space and a brief overview of your goods and services.  This can drive more traffic to your trade show booth from people searching for the show online.  The more your trade show booth location is mentioned, the more likely it is that people will remember it and make a point to visit you.  PPC doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars, either.  Simply set a budget per day and a number of days you want the campaign to run to ensure that you only pay for what you want.

Mention Your Trade Show Booth Location in Social Media

One of the keys to marketing is to be present in the places your desired audience hangs out.  Everyone, young and old, hangs out on social media these days.  For businesses, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are popular places to advertise their trade show booth presence.  Share relevant content such as branded photos, coupons, giveaway announcements, happy hour promotions, and more with your trade show booth space mentioned on the content itself.  Whether this is a photo, video, blog, or other piece of content, make sure that your location is prominently mentioned to acquire more traffic.  Use the show’s and industry hashtags to spread your message further.  Make sure you post frequently across a variety of social media channels to ensure that you are able to reach the people you want to speak to at the show.  This is a wonderful free option to capture more traffic.

There are many different trade show marketing techniques to attract more people to your booth space.  These are just some of the more affordable and more readily accessible options for exhibitors of all sizes and with all budgets.  For more great ideas, consult your Account Specialist who can give you more guidance and steer you in the right direction.