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After 20 years of  providing our customers with the very best trade show booth options, we are well aware that participating at trade shows is a considerable investment for any company, especially startups and small or medium sized businesses on a budget.

The Trade Show Exhibiting Dilemma

Getting your CEO or department head to be on board with participation can be a daunting task for any Marketing Manager or Sales Manager tasked with obtaining a trade show booth at an industry show. You are asking for a budget based on your needs and their trust in the ROI you have calculated.

For B2B marketers, trade shows are the single-most effective channel of showcasing products and services to an audience that is actively looking for suppliers, vendors, distributors, or customers, surpassing even email campaigns or content marketing.

This is why exhibiting at trade shows requires a lot of preparation that goes along with the investment. This investment needs to be something that makes sense to your team and encourages the successful completion of your trade show exhibiting goals.

To set you and your team up for success, we have compiled a short list of our best-selling hybrid modular trade show booths for budgets under $10,000 that will give your exhibit a custom look without the price tag to match.

Hybrid Modular Trade Show Booth Designs – Core Features

The advantage of purchasing a hybrid modular trade show booth is that your investment in a trade show display to fill your booth space is less than a more expensive custom-built trade show booth. The reason why is you don’t pay for more expensive CAM panels or dreamscape graphics.  Even though it’s less of an initial investment, you’ll be able to achieve that same custom-built look for significantly less using materials that appear to be customized but that are really already ready to go for you to add your branding and messaging to for the show.  A hybrid modular trade show booth is an excellent fist step towards a custom-built trade show booth to launch your brand recognition.

Easy shipping, assembly and dismantling

Raising a hybrid modular trade show booth requires no more than a simple Allan tool that is already included in the kit we provide next to all the parts, instructions and diagrams that you need for a straightforward assembly. Depending on the complexity of the hybrid modular trade show booth and the size of your team, this shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours at maximum.  In contrast, a custom trade show booth would require a team of laborers to install and dismantle the exhibit, raising CAM walls, smoothing dreamscape graphics onto those walls, nailing in custom joints and affixing handles, television mounts, and more.  A hybrid modular booth doesn’t require the team of union laborers and specialty tools.

Hybrid Modular Trade Show Booth Product Comparison

That having been said, let’s take a look at 5 awesome modular trade show booth design ideas that are both practical and can accommodate a starting exhibiting budget:

  1. 10′ HP06 Modular Display Kit

10x10 portable trade show booth display

This hybrid modular display idea is recommended for sales reps that need to work in tandem. The HP06 Modular Display Kit is essentially a 10 by 10 ft trade show booth split symmetrically.

It is comprised of 2 counters and 2 mounts for digital displays that support the narrative of your sales executives from the background.

  1. 10′ HP08 Modular Display Kit

10 x 10 trade show booth with slatwall

Featuring a backwall with slatwall panels, graphics and a monitor mount, this trade show booth is ideal for retailers that need to showcase products or have giveaways to distribute from the reception counter or small products to display.

  1. 10′ HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit

10 x 10 trade show booth design with storage closet

Apart from its high-quality fabric backwall and a sleek counter, this hybrid modular trade show booth design features a large storage closet that is ergonomically placed in the left corner of the exhibit. It lets no space go to waste by providing a place for your digital monitor to improve your brand communications.

At Displays&Exhibits we recommend this 10 x 10  booth for exhibitors that want the extra space to secure their belongings or extra materials on the trade show floor.

  1. 10′ HP03 Modular Display Kit

creative trade show booth design HP03

The HP03 hybrid modular display kits most important feature lays in its design.  The backwall includes 3-different size panels covered in high-quality, dye sublimated fabric graphics and outlined by a distinctive asymmetrical frame that can be again observed in its counter to ensure consistency in the overall booth design.

With high quality graphics and a digital monitor to deliver video content, this trade show booth is built to make your brand stand out from any exhibiting neighbors.

  1. 10′ HP07 Hybrid Modular Display Kit

creative trade show booth design HP07

Can you believe this trade show booth is available immediately? Can you imagine the stress of trying to make your booth seem more dynamic and your branding more engaging being lifted with just a couple of clicks?

The HP07 Hybrid Modular Display Kit features a backwall comprised of 3 durable aluminum frames covered in high resolution, dye sublimated pillowcase graphics. Its side canopy creates a fully immersive experience similar to curved backwalls.  However, its use of angular shapes progressively compels passersby to have a closer look and effectively keeps them immersed in your brand story.

Like all other previous models on the list, this hybrid modular trade show booth comes equipped with a monitor mount for your digital displays and a reception counter with locking storage space.

When you’re looking to upgrade your trade show booth for your next trade show, consider how these exhibits look and feel very custom but don’t include the extra costs that a custom-built trade show would cost and allow you to own your exhibit.  This means you can use it again and again all year long or over a period of multiple years.  For more great trade show booth recommendations, contact your Account Specialist at Displays and Exhibits who can guide you through the process of trade show booth selection.

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