Use Your Pop Up Display to Drive More Traffic to Your Booth

A pop up display is one of the industry standards for trade show booth spaces that are generally 10×10.  Because it’s typically inclusive of not only a graphic back wall, a hard case that can transition into a reception counter and lights, it’s typically a go to product for exhibitors.  However, they don’t always get the most traffic in comparison to larger exhibitors.  Consider these handy ways to increase the traffic to your pop up display and have more in depth conversations with your audience:

Add a Monitor Mount to Your Pop Up Display to Play Video

The old days of your pop up display not being very interactive are over.  Now, we can offer a monitor mount for you to hang your own monitor on it and to play product demonstrations, testimonials, commercials, and more.  This simple addition can attract more attention with light, motion, and sound.  When you’ve only got seconds to capture trade show visitors’ attention, this can be a great way to do it.  Video is a very popular medium used to communicate with trade show attendees and for very little, you can purchase this add-on to spruce up your pop up display further.

Include Shelving in Your Pop Up Display to Show Off Your Goods

If you’ve got products to sell, make sure they’re on display.  You can add an internal shelf kit to your pop up display to show off your goods.  This can add flair to your pop up and ensure that people can check out your products on the show floor.  It also eliminates cluttering up your trade show booth with products strewn about.  With products to check out, trade show attendees are more likely to wander in and check them out.

Purchase the Extra Graphic Wrap to Turn Your Hard Case into a Reception Counter

The hard case that accompanies a pop up display is handy to get your trade show display to and from the exhibition hall.  However, it’s even handier when you turn it into a reception counter.  With the addition of a wrap around graphic, you can have a fully functional reception counter to greet guests and have conversations about your products.  This can be a great position for your booth staff to welcome more traffic into your booth.  You can also use your reception counter to collect business cards for a giveaway or a raffle.  Be sure to tell visitors that they must come back and be present to win so you continue to gain more traffic during the day. 

Nothing encourages people to come check out an exhibitor like traffic in their booth. The more traffic you can encourage, the more will come because it seems like the spot to be.  For more great ideas, consult your Displays and Exhibits Account Specialist.  They’ll likely have more ideas that you can execute on a budget so you can better compete with larger exhibitors.