Your Pop Up Display and Sustainability

In recent years, there has been a lot of concern for the environment.  Dire predictions about when we reach the tipping point for climate change have increased awareness of our effect upon the planet.  This has led to many sustainability efforts, including in the trade show industry.  As you prepare for your next trade show, ask yourself how a pop up display can contribute to sustainability:

A Pop Up Display is Built to Last

When you order a pop up display, you’re committing to a product that will last you for many shows to come.  This means you can recycle and reuse your trade show display without having to purchase a new one every show.  This is important because many larger exhibitors across the globe attend shows where their displays are literally bulldozed and then taken out back to be burned in a large trash bin.  We tend to refer to these often cheap constructions as churn and burns.  However, you’re actually making the more sustainable choice by purchasing a pop up display.

Your Pop Up Display Won’t Contribute to Deforestation

Did you know that the kinds of materials in your pop up display are sustainable?  Because your display is made of aluminum and fabric, you won’t be contributing to deforestation.  This is especially helpful where large forests are now seeing illicit logging operations on protected lands across the globe.  Trees are being illegally cut down, processed and then shipped out to unsuspecting customers.  Forests such as Romania’s secular forests have experienced unprecedented amounts of deforestation.  Even with protective measures in place, they have experienced massive loss of some of the oldest trees in the forest.  It may take hundreds of years for many of the smaller trees to reach the height and thickness that once blanketed the country.

Pop Up Display Graphics are Reusable, Easy to Clean, and Non-toxic

One of the most sustainable parts of your pop up display is that it is often made of fabrics such as vinyl or of a dye-sublimated fabric.  Both of these are easy to clean with gentle soap and water.  They also last some exhibitors for years and years without needing to order new graphics.  However, your pop up display frame often outlasts your branding and messaging on these fabrics.  Replacement graphics also offer the same quality of environmentally friendly fabrics.  The dye-sublimation process literally bakes your design into the threads of the fabric.  The result is graphics that are built to last through many trade shows over the years when cared for properly. These graphics are non-toxic and environmentally sustainable.

When you think about your environmental impact on the trade show floor, consider digital presentations over printed brochures.  Think of landing pages you can send someone to by scanning a QR code instead of wasting paper.  For more great ideas on sustainability and your pop up display, ask one of our Account Specialists.  Their breadth of product knowledge and industry experience can steer you in the right direction.